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Founding of Brain Wagon University

Seal of Brain Wagon University
I was goofing around with PostScript some more, and the idea of making some fancy certificates or diplomas got into my head. But what good is a diploma if there is no school to back it up? Hence, as of this date, I hereby found Brain Wagon University. It is dedicated to the pursuit of something or other, and has really high standards.
We will only give out diplomas to those who really, really deserve them. Honestly.

We will be glad to name buildings on our campus after anyone who sets up a tidy endowment however.

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Trans-Atlantic Model Airplane

National Geographic
reports that a group of model airplane builders are about to attempt the first transatlantic crossing with a true model airplane. A model airplane must weigh less than 11 lbs, and displace no more than 10cc.
Pretty damned amazing feat if they can pull it off. They have built four copies of their plane, and were supposed to launch beginning on August 7, but have delayed due to fog. You can watch the progress reports as they come in. The plane should transmit position and speed information every minute using an onboard GPS and transmitter.