Music on the PDP-1

August 13, 2003 | Link of the Day | By: Mark VandeWettering

A couple of years ago, Tom Duff approached me with the notion that he was going to write a simulator for the ancient PDP-1 so that he could run SpaceWar!, widely regarded as the first real video game. We both wrote simulators for the PDP-1, and enjoyed playing around with such a bizarre machine.

Lately I’ve decided to resurrect this code and make a nice version using the Simple DirectMedia Layer library. Toward that end, I dug up
some of the old links documenting the PDP-1, but ran accross
Smith’s PDP-1 Music
page. He has links to ten different mp3 files which were made from original tapes he made at the time.

I liked them enough that I made them accessible here: