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Modal Web Server Example Part 1

I thought that this article, Modal Web Server Example Part 1, had some interesting ideas. I think that many existing web applications are hampered by the fact they are implemented in rather crufty and adhoc languages. The author of this seems a bit more disciplined.

Some interesting ideas, and an excuse to look at Seaside, a web application framework written in Smalltalk.


MSNBC – Can Star Wars: Episode III be saved?

Today someone on our local message board posted a link to MSNBC - Can Star Wars: Episode III be saved?, a story that suggested that if one could fire George Lucas, Hayden Christensen, Natalie Portman and put in more Christopher Lee, you could hire some real writers and salvage the entire script.

Not a bad notion.


On Blogging Software…

As I work to install WordPress on this site and tweak and twiddle the look and functionality, I can't help but think that every blog, Wiki and content management system isn't so much an application as a construction set full of pieces that you can assemble to make a blog or website. Is there some reason why that is the case, or could a more disciplined application be designed and deployed?