Blondes Wrestle for Desirable Movie Role

In entertainment today, Jessica Simpson and Britney Spears are both battling to play that most challenging of thespian roles: Daisy Duke on the upcoming “Dukes of Hazzard” movie.

It appears that Jessica will have spare time since ABC rejected her proposed comedy pilot in which she would play “Jessica Sampson”, a ditzy blonde who joins a television news program. Oh, what a challenging role that would have been. It is good to see young women really push themselves as actresses and challenge the stereotypes that confront them.

Next-gen VIA mobo touts speed, security, MPEG-4

New VIA motherboardThis website runs on a spiffy little VIA motherboard, so I was glad to see that VIA is about to release some new motherboards. You can read this preview on The world needs more capable motherboards that draw less than 20 watts. It even has a built in AES encryption unit. That could be… useful I guess.

I’m also pretty keen on seeing one of the announced Nano-ITX motherboards. I like the idea of a full PC on a motherboard which is only 5″x5″.