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Stereo Video Project

Ever on the lookout for nifty projects, I stumbled across this stereo video display. It works by synchronizing cheap board level video cameras with a rather simple circuit, and then using lcd shutter glasses on the display.
I've seen broad descriptions of similar systems, but this one is very detailed and includes complete descriptions of all the necessary hardware and modifications.

Some similar gadgets are on the Digital Stereo Photography page, along with nifty gallery images taken with his hardware.


Weight Watchers Progress

The project that I've spent the most time on lately is actually myself. Last December I was having some health difficulties and visited my doctor, who reported that my weight was as high as it had ever been (a staggering 323 lbs, ouch!) and that my cholesterol and blood pressure weren't looking much better. I decided that I had to do something about it, and started working to improve my diet, exercise more, and since January, join Weight Watchers.

I'm now down over 50lbs since that day in December, and down an even 35 lbs from when I started weight watchers. If I get down into the 230-240 lb range, I'll probably be a happy camper. Anyway, I decided to try to make a nifty chart showing my weight loss progress, so here it is!

I'm beginning to slow down a bit, but I'm hoping that increasing my exercise will help. Unfortunately I strained a calf muscle pretty badly on my hill, and it still gives me a bit of pain when I exercise, so I am taking it easy for now (although I did do a walk with Carmen yesterday).

For those of you who have wondered about Weight Watchers, it really does help. I recommend them.

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Who will Kerry choose to be VIP?

John Moe weighs the pros and cons of some possibles on I particularly like the idea of choosing Clinton, if only to see the heads of Republicans twist themselves clean off their bodies.

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