Weekly Weigh In

June 13, 2004 | My Projects | By: Mark VandeWettering

Today’s weigh in saw me give back last week’s loss. Not too surprising given the fact that I have been eating a bit more. A company picnic full of yummy barbecue food probably didn’t help much, but there were plenty of other times when excessive snacking happened. Oh well, I shall try to do better next week.

Weight Loss Graph

An aside: Carmen and I got out of a movie late last night and felt like we needed some kind of dessert. Normally this means either air popped popcorn, watermelon or Skinny Cows, but we were out of all three. I stopped in at Albertson’s to restock.

I decided to give the CarbSmart Ice Cream Sandwiches a try, since they were on sale. Their numbers are 80 calories, 40 from fat, and 1g of dietary fiber. If you compare this to a mint Skinny Cow, you’ll find that the Skinny Cow has 120 calories, but only 20 due to fat and 2g of fiber. Both work out to around two points (the Carbsmart sandwhich has higher fat and lower fiber, which counts against it). So arguably, both are about the same, at least for those of us on the Weight Watchers diet. No reason to prefer one over the other, right?

Wrong. The thing is, the Carbsmart bar is a 2oz sandwhich which amounts to barely more than a mouthful (at least for someone with a big mouth like me). The Skinny Cow is a 4oz sandwhich, literally twice as big.

There you have it: Skinny Cows, just better.