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Disneyland now air launches fireworks…

Disneyland is now using compressed air to launch pyrotechnics. I read about this before my trip, but it slipped my mind while I was watching the display last weekend. Nevertheless, I did manage to snag a quick Quicktime of the show from my location inside the California Adventure park.

Disney is donating the seven patented technologies they developed to a non-profit which is supposed to license this technology more widely through the pyrotechnic industry.

You can view the Quicktime here.

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How popular am I?

I've begun to wonder who (and how many) read this blog. I'm now averaging 65 megabytes of downloads per day, with 1581 unique hosts served in the last week, and 5,528 unique hosts in August. I 'm getting roughly 2000 successful requests for pages per day, with about 6.75% of all requests coming from my fellow Pixarians.

I've also got five subscribers to my weblog on I highly recommend bloglines to keep track of large numbers of RSS feeds, you can look at the blogs I monitor if you like.

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