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Audio regarding Fish, Doom3 and Thunder

Wherein your noble host explains about ipodder, ponders the demographics of weblogging, gives his brief thumbs up for Doom3, hints about betta fish, and endures a thunderstorm, all for your amusement.


Blogging statistics?

Dave Slusher was musing about a peculiar statistic of his audio blogging experiments: all the commentors appear to be male. That set me to wondering what the statistics of your average blogger was. Luckily, Livejournal maintains statistics that I found rather interesting.

Despite Dave's experience, on LiveJournal only one in three bloggers who chose to identify their sex claimed to be males: women outnumber men 2 to 1. 98% of them use free accounts. The age distribution is heavily skewed towards teenagers. Only 1.1% of them are over age 40 (like myself). The most popular age for bloggers is eighteen.

This explains a great deal about the popularity of my blog.


Free Reads by Jim Kelly

Free Reads has a collection of short fiction read by their author Jim Kelly. More food for the insatiable ipod!