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There’s Something About W and Stolen Honor

Today documentary filmmakers Robin Chin and John Grimes dropped by Pixar to show their film and to answer questions about their documentary film There's Something About W, which you can now view in its entirety from their website. In addition, we also screened a showing of Stolen Honor, the film which the Sinclair Broadcast Group initially was going to air, but later pulled when its advertisers began to protest and their stock dipped.

Watch both of them, dig into the facts behind them, and then be sure to vote on November 2.

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Interview with a Lawyer for Tivo

Wired is running this interview with a lawyer for Tivo regarding their new changes to respect broadcast flags for pay-per-view content. While it's bad news for consumers, I think it is refreshing to hear a lawyer speak this candidly.

Best exchange:

WIRED: TiVo has always been about empowering the viewer. Why change now?
ZINN: Macrovision changed its policy. So the question was, Do we want to have a Macrovision license with certain restrictions, or none at all? We decided that as long as the restrictions were limited to pay-per-view and video-on-demand, consumers would still have the choice. If they don't like a narrower window in which to view programming, they won't purchase it. That'll send a message to the content owners.