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Brainwagon Radio: Alternator Trouble, plus a Pot Pourri

Where your host laments the problem with his SUV (bad alternator) and comment spammers, chats about the NPR program regarding political speech and the public domain, talks a bit about his microphone setup, plays some blues music, and recalls all the terrific Cajun food he had during his only trip to New Orleans.


I'm looking for recommendations for a good phone for use in mobile weblogging, if you have any suggestions go ahead and mail me with your recommendations. I am inherently a cheapskate, so cheaper suggestions will be considered more strongly than more expensive $500 and up phones, so bear that in mind. The ideal candidate will be:

  • cheap
  • decent camera, VGA resolution or up, good low light sensitivity a plus
  • Bluetooth
  • bonuses: voice recorder and video clip capability
  • did I mention cheap would be good?