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Asian Tsunamis Kill at Least 13,340 People

Not a happy holiday for some. Bleh. Tsunamis are brutal.

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Gutenberg Gem: The Chemical History of the Candle

Michael Faraday instituted a tradition (which continues to this day) of giving special Christmas lectures especially for young people at the Royal Institution. The most famous of these lectures were published in 1860 as The Chemical History of the Candle, which is a classic in the history of science, and still accessible and useful to students. Check it out. I hope they have an illustrated version coming soon.


Brainwagon Radio: Boxing Day, with some Gift Reviews

On this 44th edition of Brainwagon Radio, your host apologizes for his lack of podcasting over the holiday, but gives brief reviews of some of the toys that were acquired during this 2004 holiday season:

I'm off to face terror of post Christmas shopping. Enjoy!