Sidekick II

Sidekick IIMy wife got the new Sidekick II as her present to herself this year. I must admit: it’s nice. It’s got a nicer keyboard, nicer controls and a decent camera. It also includes support for Yahoo! Messenger as well as AOL Instant Messenger right out of the box.

If you like to leverage things open with screw drivers, you can read this article about downloading unapproved applications or even developing new ones.

Bridging San Francisco Bay

Another small video of some interest: Bridging San Francisco Bay, an industrial film created by U.S. Steel Co. to crow about the construction of the Bay Bridge between Oakland and San Francisco. The construction of a replacement span between Yerba Buena island and the Oakland shore is currently underway: it is interesting to see how bridge building has changed since those earlier times. The key difference: safety gear.

Happy New Years!

Welcome to 2005! Hope everyone has had a pleasant holiday and is ready to get back to the serious work that we all have: namely surfing the web and listening to my brainwagon radio podcasts. 🙂 We are back to traditional brainwagon blue, no more christmas decorations.

I’m still a couple of days away from getting my new podcast setup finalized, but rest assured, I should be back shortly with new episodes, better quality, but the same old ranting that you’ve come to expect.

Hope everyone is safe and happy.