Lisa William’s on Blogging Policies

Lisa Williams has a terrific article on the policies and ethics which surround blogging. I’m actually most concerned with the actions of employers: the word of people being fired for the contents of their blogs frankly fills me with a bit of sadness and dread. What will the world be like if this powerful new technology for human communication is stifled by fear over your employer’s response to whatever you might write? Previously one’s employer had relatively little control over what one said, it would seem to me tragic if that freedom was lost on the verge of a communications revolution.

This seems like a good topic for a future podcast. Check out Lisa’s article though: really good stuff.

My Name is Mark, and I’m a Geek…

I was just going to post a link to the Battlestar Galactica Blog, where Ron Moore answers some behind the scene questions, when I realized that I’m going to miss the season premiere of BattleStar Galactica because I’m going to San Francisco for Wil Wheaton‘s booksigning.

Luckily, TiVo will pick up the episode, so I can watch it when I return.

If there were any doubts that I’m a geek, this post alone should remove any doubt.

Huygens Down Safe, Pictures To Come Here

The ESA is reporting that the Huygens lander survived it’s descent to Titan, and is transmitting data. According to JPL, the first images should be received around 11:45 PST. Kick ass! As soon as pictures are available, I’ll link ’em up here.

First Huygens Image, snapped from NASA TV in RealPlayerUpdate: In what quite possibly have been the singularly most dull and boring press conference ever convened, a single image taken from 16km was released on NASA TV, followed by ten minutes of people talking about their feelings. Sigh. I’ll post a link to the real image when I find it: this was screen snapped from the RealPlayer stream on NASA TV.

Not much to see here, other than the fairly obvious rivulets which suggest erosion processes. I’ll post more when I’ve got more.