InformationWeek on The Weblog Question > January 31, 2005

February 3, 2005 | Blogging, Intellectual Property | By: Mark VandeWettering

Information Week is running an article on weblogging and the workplace. It seems mostly common sense to me. For instance:

Forrester Research advises companies to provide guidelines not only for company-sanctioned Weblogs, but also for employees who do them on their own time. The IT research firm even recommends that managers occasionally view the personal Weblogs of subordinates to see what they’re saying. “Respecting existing confidentiality agreements and companies’ secrets is a no-brainer–and not doing so should clearly be grounds for firing,” Li wrote.

Well, duh. I’m sure that many people would like to hear about the inner workings of the place where I work, but since I’m not certain exactly what the boundaries would be, it’s simpler (and frankly, more fun for me) just to not blog about work related issues.

The article goes on to discuss the copyright issues and the problems that RSS syndication create, unfortunately without shedding any real light. Still, interesting to read for anyone working on blogs…