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Grand Tourismo Goody

Grand Tourismo Screen DumpI bought Grand Tourismo 4 the other day for my son (hey, it's cheaper than buying him a real car) and I must admit, it's awfully pretty looking. One of the cuter features is a Photo Travel Mode, where you can take your car (a charcoal gray Honda Civic in this case, don't laugh) and dump it in one of a number of exotic locales, and then save the image files either to a Playstation Memory Card, or, more usefully to a USB flash device. Check out the Honda in Times Square. Pretty neat.


Quest for MythTV…

Well, I am now closing in on a working MythTV installation (I hope), although a few problems remain. The quality of video coming from this old Brooktree 878 card is terrible, and as yet I haven't been able to get sound working reliably. Besides prebuffering incorrectly, something having to do with the mixer is wonky: you'd think with all the experience I have with recording my podcasts, I'd be able to figure it out, but so far it has eluded me.

In the end I don't really want to use the Brooktree card at all: a couple of days ago I found a pretty good deal on the WinTV PVR 150 cards, which do hardware MPEG2 compression for $63 via Amazon. It should ship next week, and hopefully this will provide better quality. Hopefully. If I get this working acceptably well, I'd probably like to shift the entire thing into a smaller, quieter box. Or maybe I could just find a quieter fan, or throttle this one back. Oh well, I've got to stop tinkering with this.

I'm off to Radio Shack to pick up a second microphone for my next podcast: stay tuned! A special guest will be joining me for a change of pace. I hope you all will like it.


Followup to the Gorman piece…

Michael Gorman explains his previous article as "satirical". I think that his piece could be described as many things, but satire is not one of the qualities it could be said to possess in abundance.

One wonders why he bothered to respond at all via the Internet, given that he only believes that edited/published work qualify as "serious".

Thanks to Dave W. for the link from Ed Cone.

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