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Movie Review of Robots

I'll be out to see Robots this weekend (hey, have to keep the demand for CG up somehow), but in my browsing with Google News, I ran across this movie review with a title that caused me to laugh out loud:

Robot meets world, world likes Pixar better

Ouch! Still, I'm looking forward to it.

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It’s not whether you win or lose..

Baseball!It's whether you end up in Cooperstown.

I was reading yesterday's entry on my Major League Baseball calendar, and was greeted with this Dubious Achievement:

Hall of Famer Pud Galvin lost 20 or more games in 10 consecutive seasons. No other pitcher had more than five straight 20-loss seasons.

And he wound up in the freakin' Hall o' Fame, says I?

Of course, things were different back then. Way back then. Check out The Little Steam Engine's record. From 1879-1889, he lost 27, 35, 24, 23, 29, 22, 26, 21, 21, and 25 games respectively. Of course in that span he also won 37, 20, 28, 28, 46, 46, 16, 29, 28 and 23 games. His career win loss record? 54%, with 705 games pitched, 364 wins and 310 losses.


I can't wait for opening day.

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Google Maps

I like maps. Maps are cool. Google Maps are therefore really cool. What's also cool is all the hacking that people are doing, such as Google Maps Live, a gadget which allows you to control the map display via a telnet connection, and this page of goodies or this one. Geocachers, are you listening?


Pixar Research – Physically Based Modeling

While digging around for more notes on game physics, I ended up back at the Pixar website and Baraff and Witkin's notes on Physically Based Modeling. It's hard to get there from the frontpage, so I thought I'd leave this note as a bookmark for myself.