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Movie Review of Robots

March 10, 2005 | Movie Review | By: Mark VandeWettering

I’ll be out to see Robots this weekend (hey, have to keep the demand for CG up somehow), but in my browsing with Google News, I ran across this movie review with a title that caused me to laugh out loud: Robot meets world, world likes Pixar better Ouch! Still, I’m looking forward to it.

It’s not whether you win or lose..

March 10, 2005 | Baseball | By: Mark VandeWettering

It’s whether you end up in Cooperstown. I was reading yesterday’s entry on my Major League Baseball calendar, and was greeted with this Dubious Achievement: Hall of Famer Pud Galvin lost 20 or more games in 10 consecutive seasons. No other pitcher had more than five straight 20-loss seasons. And he wound up in the […]

Google Maps

March 10, 2005 | Geocaching, Toys and Gadgets | By: Mark VandeWettering

I like maps. Maps are cool. Google Maps are therefore really cool. What’s also cool is all the hacking that people are doing, such as Google Maps Live, a gadget which allows you to control the map display via a telnet connection, and this page of goodies or this one. Geocachers, are you listening?

Pixar Research – Physically Based Modeling

March 10, 2005 | Computer Science | By: Mark VandeWettering

While digging around for more notes on game physics, I ended up back at the Pixar website and Baraff and Witkin’s notes on Physically Based Modeling. It’s hard to get there from the frontpage, so I thought I’d leave this note as a bookmark for myself.