It’s not whether you win or lose..

Baseball!It’s whether you end up in Cooperstown.

I was reading yesterday’s entry on my Major League Baseball calendar, and was greeted with this Dubious Achievement:

Hall of Famer Pud Galvin lost 20 or more games in 10 consecutive seasons. No other pitcher had more than five straight 20-loss seasons.

And he wound up in the freakin’ Hall o’ Fame, says I?

Of course, things were different back then. Way back then. Check out The Little Steam Engine’s record. From 1879-1889, he lost 27, 35, 24, 23, 29, 22, 26, 21, 21, and 25 games respectively. Of course in that span he also won 37, 20, 28, 28, 46, 46, 16, 29, 28 and 23 games. His career win loss record? 54%, with 705 games pitched, 364 wins and 310 losses.


I can’t wait for opening day.