IRC Poker Database

While reading ::amazon(“1880685000”, “Skylanski’s Theory of Poker“)::, my brain was tickled into remembering vaguely hearing about a database of millions of poker hands. A bit of grepping, and I found a link to the IRC Poker Database. I thought I’d link it here, since I may want to find it again sometime.

High Dynamic Range Imaging

St. Peters, courtesy of Paul DebevecI’m tinkering a bit with high dynamic range imaging lately, and decided to code up a simple tone-mapping program so that I could begin to display them somewhat reasonably. On the right you can click to see the tonemapped version of Paul Debevec’s high dynamic range environment of St. Peter’s Basillica. I implemented the simplest scheme in this paper, and it seems to work well, and is adaptable to hardware implementation via hardware shading technologies.