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IRC Poker Database

While reading ::amazon("1880685000", "Skylanski's Theory of Poker")::, my brain was tickled into remembering vaguely hearing about a database of millions of poker hands. A bit of grepping, and I found a link to the IRC Poker Database. I thought I'd link it here, since I may want to find it again sometime.


Comcast Internet clients having problems

I hadn't noticed especially, but apparently Comcast has been having difficulty with its name servers.

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Google Maps – SR71s

Two of the coolest airplanes ever to fly, made visible via Google Maps.

More mundane: airplane on approach to Oakland, a flight I've taken many times.


High Dynamic Range Imaging

St. Peters, courtesy of Paul DebevecI'm tinkering a bit with high dynamic range imaging lately, and decided to code up a simple tone-mapping program so that I could begin to display them somewhat reasonably. On the right you can click to see the tonemapped version of Paul Debevec's high dynamic range environment of St. Peter's Basillica. I implemented the simplest scheme in this paper, and it seems to work well, and is adaptable to hardware implementation via hardware shading technologies.


Scalia: Worst Justice Ever?

I'm not a big scholar of the history of the Supreme Court, but could it just be possible that Justice Scalia is the worst justice to ever serve our nations highest court? Witness the irony of banning all the media from an event where he received an award for supporting free speech. Say wa? Then surf on over to Flutterby.

Holy crap, I fear for our great nation and its good people.

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