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Wil Out…

This just off the WPT ticker...

Annie Duke eliminates Wil Wheaton; John Kabbaj out
Ten minutes after being crippled when an opponent hit trip queens against his pocket kings, Wheaton pushed his last 15k in with pocket kings (again!). Duke called with AK and spiked the ace.

Sorry Wil. Hold'em be a harsh mistress. And that Annie Duke is a damn good player. At least you outlasted Tobey Macguire. 🙂

Update: another blog suggested that he may have peaked as high as number seven. Way to GO Wil.

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A self-referential puzzle

I'm bored, so I decided to amuse myself with a self-referential puzzle. This post on (including the title "a self-referential puzzle" but not any footers) contains thirteen As, four Bs, four Cs, seven Ds, fifty five Es, nineteen Fs, five Gs, ten Hs, twenty nine Is, fourteen Ls, four Ms, thirty three Ns, seventeen Os, five Ps, twenty Rs, thirty eight Ss, thirty five Ts, eleven Us, nine Vs, six Ws, two Xs, nine Ys, and seven Zs.


The C.L.I.V.E. Project

As a link from the previous story, I also ran accross The C.L.I.V.E. Project, a custom gadget that tracks Iridium flares. Very cool.


EVDO StompBox Project

Okay, I got it from slashdot, but the EVDO StompBox Project is pretty darned cool. The guy uses a Soekris single board computer running Linux to link to Verizon's cellular data network, and then redistributes it via 802.11b to anyone within range. Of his car. He also provides live webcam and Google Map positions from his car. Neat!