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Nikon respond to RAW WB concerns: Digital Photography Review

April 22, 2005 | Rants and Raves | By: Mark VandeWettering

There is a bit of a tizzy going around some of the blogs I frequent about the Nikon D2X. You see, Nikon has decided to encrypt some of the information in their NEF or “raw” format, so that you need to use their utilities or their SDK to get appropriate color correction of pictures from […]

Recipes and Encouragement

April 22, 2005 | Cooking and Recipes | By: Mark VandeWettering

While I was on Julian’s website, I noticed that he still hadn’t mastered the fine art of meat loaf. I thought that he should check out Good Eats Meat Loaf for inspiration. It’s not a perfect recipe, but it’s not bad. They use a mixture of ground chuck and ground sirloin to get the right […]

Stadiums ala Google Maps…

April 22, 2005 | Link of the Day | By: Mark VandeWettering

Tom Duff generated a nice list of MLB ballparks via Google Maps, and I found that Julian made a similar list of hockey stadiums. If the NHL gets their act together and hockey is ever played again, this list might come in useful.

Experimental Balloon Building

April 22, 2005 | Link of the Day | By: Mark VandeWettering

Another cool but relatively useless link from the Make Blog, a site entirely dedicated to Experimental Balloon Building. Become a modern day Montgolfier!

Robot Dreams

April 22, 2005 | Robotics, Tooting My Own Horn | By: Mark VandeWettering

Lem Fugitt has a nice robotics blog, and found my pictures of Robogames 2005. He nicely linked from his blog, so I thought I’d return the favor while tooting my own horn. His blog is cool too, wander around. Robot Dreams