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I don’t want to join any club that would have me as a member…

I've supported the notion that I think that the world is a much better place when people can communicate with one another. It's one of the reasons that I blog.

Sometimes, this is a hard philosophy to live with. Creationist knuckledragger Ken Ham has apparently figured out how to use WordPress and podcast.


I have to console myself with the notion that some will at least listen to him and realize what a collosal dumbass he is.


Steve Ballmer’s email about anti-discrimination bill


It saddens Scoble.

Is it really surprising that a company as large, predatory, and self-centered as Microsoft might not be a good guardian of individual rights? Let's face it: companies aren't good guardians of individual rights. The best you can hope is that they just stay out of the way. But it's hopelessly naive to assume that your employer will act in your best interest. It sometimes happens, and those companies should be treasured, but it surprises me every time it happens. You can't expect companies to behave ethically or with conscience.


Tracker Trail – Fire – Can of Coke and a chocolate bar

Cool. You can start a campfire using only a coke can and a bar of chocolate. Memorize it before you sign up for Survivor.