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Brainwagon Radio: Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday To Me!Where your host wishes himself a happy birthday, queries about the percieved quality of his commute-time podcasts, and reviews a number of cool papers in computer graphics.

Paper links:

My birthday present was a new heart rate monitor from Polar USA. Expect a review soon.

Have an opinion on my audio quality? Try using the poll in the sidebar to express your opinion.

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  1. Happy Birthday Honey!!!! Hope you are having a wonderful fantastic birthday.

  2. Hey MARK my MAN!

    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday dear MARK
    Happy Birthday To You

  3. Happy Birthday Brainwagon.

  4. Good Joerb there HomeBrains. And many happy returns to ya.

  5. Brainwagon is having a wha?

  6. Eh, what’s up Doc?

    Happy eh, Birthday

  7. Your coodinates are right on target for Fun! Happy Birthday Space Ranger!

  8. Howdy Ho! Have yerself a rootin’ tootin’ rockin’ rollin’ birthday, Cowboy!

  9. Yay! Getting older sure beats the alternative! Happy Birthday!

    Audio on the portable device has lots of wacky artifacts, but you’re the only podcast I’m listening to anymore, and I’m not listening for the sound quality, so that’s okay.

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