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Fun with a digital camera, Gimp, and an action figure

Starcraft GruntI've got a lot of toys in my office. My friend Jeff and I used to play Starcraft online quite a bit, back when both of us were single guys living the high life. During that time I had just begun dating my wife, and so I have a number of toys that our son bought for me, including this cool Starcraft infantry guy. The action
figure is very cool and poseable. For whatever bored reason, I snapped a couple of quick shots, dragged them into gimp, removed the background, tweaked the color, improved the sharpness and converted it to an 8-bit png image. I think it looks pretty damned cool for 3 minutes of work.

I wonder if someone could do a complete comic strip using similar techniques. Beats drawing, at least the way I do it. ๐Ÿ™‚


New version of Neat Image

The incredibly useful has an announcement for a new release of the image noise reduction program Neat Image. If you've got photos which are grainy because you are pushing your camera to the limits of its ISO setting, try putting Neat Image to work on it. I've blogged about it before, it's very cool, and worth the money.


How to destroy the Earth

A veritable primer for the up and coming mad scientist.

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