Remote Control of the Nikon 4500?

Hey folks, I’ve passed some of my helpful technical tidbits on to you, it is time that some of you work for me. 🙂

I have a Nikon Coolpix 4500 that I want to control from, well, some bit of hardware that I have lying around. Ideally that would be Linux/FreeBSD/some Unix, but Windows would be okay too. I’ve tried using cPix, but while I have got it to connect via the serial cable, it seems very slow to initialize, and the instant I do anything meaningful, it seems to hang the camera badly enough to require pulling the battery to reset it.

I basically want to be able to control all the common controls on the camera to do some time lapse and automated capture. Source code and/or scripting would be a big plus.


1 thought on “Remote Control of the Nikon 4500?”

  1. I’ve gotten the palm pilot software to work… but it can also be a bit flakey. Hangs the pilot but not the camera. Still … it’ll be useful.

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