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Project Dalek

All sorts of projects based upon the Star Wars universe are making the rounds of various blogs, so why not take a break and build a Dalek instead?

Bonus link: here are some behind the scene pics from this season's episode (a very dark episode incidently) of Doctor Who which features a Dalek.

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SnapStream Store: Medusa PVR

Crazy. The gents at SnapStream built PVR using their software and six capture cards. Then, they redid it with the new Hauppauge dual tuner cards. Now, they are offering a package deal so that you can build your own. For < $500, you get the capture cards and software. Pretty neat deal, but things that cause me to watch (or want to watch) more TV are not in my future. ๐Ÿ™‚


Brainwagon Radio: Potpourri Surrounding Make Magazine v2

Where your host meanders around topics inspired by the arrival of the new issue of Make Magazine. Topics too varied to enumerate, you'll have to listen.

Doh!: Uploaded the April 25th podcast. Please hold.

All should be fixed now. Sorry about those who may have gotten the wrong episode in the ten minutes or so before I noticed my mistake.