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Scoble on Human Rights…

In one of his recent posts, Robert Scoble reveals a certain pragmatism when it comes to human rights.

When doing business in various countries and, even, various states here in the US, we must comply with the local laws if we want to do business there.

And, as a shareholder in Microsoft, I think it would be a bad decision to decide not to do business in China.

Tell me Robert, when you are willing to curb your sense of moral outrage simply to appease your shareholders, why should we bother to listen to you on any subject?

Doesn't your eagerness to overlook basic human rights abuses in pursuit of bucks for your corporate masters give you any cause for introspection?

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Michael Jackson Acquitted

After months and months of trial, the King of Pop has been acquitted on all counts. Just prior to the verdict, I had this exchange with my wife via IM:

(14:10:17) TheWife: Michael jackson verdit coming up soon.
(14:11:36) Me: ooh. bets?
(14:11:57) TheWife: Guilty, all counts!
(14:12:20) Me: nah.
(14:12:24) ***Me bets he walks.
(14:15:47) TheWife: Ng for 1,2,3
(14:16:03) TheWife: What a bunch of crap
(14:16:31) ***Me pats his back for his keen insight into human nature, then hangs himself in disgust.

Whether Jackson is innocent or guilty, he is downright creepy. No 46 year old man invites preteen boys over for sleep overs. Then again, no parent in their right mind would consent to letting their children sleep over in a 46 year old man's home.

Bleh. I need a shower.

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Fedora Core 4 released…

Get your red hot torrent downloads here.


Haunted papercraft toys of great magnificence

Courtesy Cory at BoingBoing (who got it via the Make blog) here is a cool set of haunted papercraft toys that you can make yourself. It includes a spooky variation of the illusion I blogged about here, where a static paper sculpture seems to move in response to your motion, and track you with its eyes.

I'll have to make one during my lunch break today.