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Google Releases Google Map API

Now, you can embed google maps into your own websites. Like, well, this:

Okay, it's not working right yet. I'm still trying to figure it out. Okay, got it working. Problem was that trying to insert script elements into a wordpress post was problematic because it insists on mangling quote characters. I'll post again when I have this all figured out.

I've disabled the above, since it doesn't work properly from comments and the archive.

Oh, forgot the link to the API description.

Addendum: The Text Control plugin allows you to disable funky quote remapping on a post, which keeps the Javascript from being mangled. Check it out.

Addendum 2: Check this out. Heh.



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Map Flickr photos with Google Earth

Well, that didn't take very long. The first cool hack for Google Earth has already appeared. As is reported on lifehacker, there is a hack to download geotagged photos from Flickr that are close to the location you are looking at. That's pretty cool. Now all I need is one of those GPS enabled camera phones... and...


War of the Worlds, circa 1938

Today is the opening day for Spielberg's War of the Worlds, but just in case you want to know what Orson Welles' broadcast sounded like, you could surf over to The Mercury Theatre on the Air and download the mp3 or you could fetch it from me. The Mercury Theater info site deserves a plug though: they have all the broadcasts of the Mercury theater done up as a BitTorrent. They'd rather you downloaded the bunch that way, rather than just clicking on the individual link, so if all that you want is the one file, fetch it from me. Otherwise, download their piles of stuff and enjoy.

Addendum: Hmmm. WordPress seems to want to make this available as an enclosure. It looks like if you are subscribed to my podcast, you'll get Orson Welles. Oh well. 🙂


Google Earth

I know, everyone and their mother already knows about this, but....

My brother called me at 11:15 last night to tell me about Google Earth. I actually had downloaded it, but not installed it. I've installed it. I've run it. It's very cool. But it doesn't quite know where my house is. Check it out.


Udderly Ridiculous

This little bit of Shockwave madness seems strangely appropriate today. Today, after all, is the opening of Spielberg's War of the Worlds, and it is good to keep things in perspective.