Anyone going to SIGGRAPH?

I’ll be trundling off to SIGGRAPH at the end of the month. Any attendees (who I don’t see everyday at lunch here at Pixar) want to get together and schmooze a bit? I haven’t been in a few years, so my dance card is likely to be pretty clear. Drop me an email and let me know what days you’ll be around and maybe we’ll try to get together for dinner or something.

DIY Stonehenge

Discovery Channel Canada has a cool video about Wally Wallington, a gentlemen from Michigan whose hobby is trying to duplicate the construction efforts of the ancient Egyptians. He believes that the Pyramids at Giza could have been constructed with a much smaller crew than previously imagined. Check out the very cool video at the bottom of this page to see him raise a massive block and stand it on end by himself.