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New “business” card…

I've been thinking for quite some time that I need to make some cards that I can hand out to people when I meet them so that they can remember my blog. These aren't really business cards, but rather just reminders.

Here is my first (well, second actually) attempt:

To illustrate what a geek I am, this image is generated by a CGI script written in perl which calls a program written in raw PostScript to do all the graphics.

Any criticisms on the graphic design can be made via comments.

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Microsoft Virtual Earth is out…

This is getting a lot of play everywhere, but Microsoft's new mapping application, Virtual Earth is now live. In most respects, I find it very similar to Google's offering, but the API seems a bit more refined, and it doesn't have the problems associated with generating usage keys. You can find information about programming the api here, or the simplest example here. You can pan around, or double click somewhere to zoom in. I'll try to work up some bigger examples later.