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I’ll put this on my bumper…

I'm a Pastafarian!

Over at boingboing, bpowah has designed a "walking fish" graphic for Pastafarians. I love it. I want one for the bumper of my car.

Confused? Try looking at this Wikipedia entry.


Brainwagon Radio: Trying to get back into the swing of podcasting…

Yow. It's been over a month since I recorded a podcast. If anyone out there is still listening, then here's a fresh installment, detailing some of my experiences at SIGGRAPH and a miscelleny of other topics.

  • Here is the paper detailing the RPU: an FPGA based raytracer. Very interesting work.
  • Blender is a combination modelling, animation and rendering package that I've toyed around with.
  • I bought a 512M CompactFlash card for my PDA, which I am going to rig up to be my podcasting client to replace my unreliable iPod.



It’s Monday, and I’d like to be anywhere but here…

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, I just know I'm gonna be grouchy. Everything that I have to do (like go to work) just seems like an incredible annoyance, or alternatively incredibly boring. Logging in and seeing Dan's cool photos from Alaska reminds me that the world is a big place, and I should be seeing more of it.