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DigitalGlobe to make satellite photos available to Google Maps

DigitalGlobe, the supplier of imagery for Google Earth and Google Maps will make freshly updated satellite images of New Orleans in the next few days. Link

Update: Here is a Quickbird view of New Orleans, showing some of the flooding.


Testing Missiles

Retain Wall Destruction

Well, the destruction (and hopefully, eventual replacement) of my old rotting redwood retaining wall has begun. The guys really tore it up good today, hopefully, nice bricks will be soon replacing the crappy old wood.

Whew. That will be one bit off my mind.

I know nobody but me cares, but I'll put pictures here.


Bye Bye, Freeloaders

Don't Bogart My Bandwidth!

I received an email a couple of days ago from someone who thoughtfully noted that someone was stealing bandwidth from my by hotlinking to images in my /images directory. Effectively these people use your webserver to serve images for their websites. It's tacky: kind of like filling your pockets with napkins and packets of ketchup when you go to a fast food restaurant. Any individual act is admittedly pretty trivial, but as of noon today, 546 images had been served to these people. Sigh.

A bit of research yielded a recipe for preventing this. Since I installed it a half hour ago, 46 further accesses have been routed to a banner image that will hopefully be less attractive.

All of my images are just a click away, but if you are going to swipe them, at least use your own bandwidth to distribute them.

Update: Two people have noted this broke reading from bloglines. I'll fix it shortly.


NASA Views of New Orleans Flooding

NASA has released some of the Earth Observatory images of the flooding in New Orleans. Ouch.

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Governor: Everyone Must Leave New Orleans – Yahoo! News

Holy crap, they are evacuating the Big Easy because of uncontrolled flooding.

Not good, folks not good folks. To anyone in the affected areas, stay safe, and keep your loved ones close.

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