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Telecrapper 2000

Brilliant, courtesy of

First the TC2K computer (any standard PC) is connected to the phone line via a Caller ID modem or serial Caller ID device. The user creates a setup text file that declares all of the Caller ID strings he considers "annoying" and wants intercepted on the first ring. When a call on the users "hit list" arrives, the computer intercepts the call and picks up the extension. This feature alone is very valuable. It gives the ability to identify legitimate calls anywhere in the house by simply waiting to hear a second ring.

As if that feature wasn't enough, the TC2K then plays a wave file over the extension for the telemarketer to hear. The user can declare a list of wave files, in a specific order, that he wishes to be played to calls on his "hit list". The first wave file is played immediately after picking up the extension, the TC2K then waits for the telemarketer to respond, then the TC2K waits for silence (for the telemarketer to finish speaking), then plays the next wave file on the list. The cycle of play wave file, wait for response, wait for silence is repeated for each wave file the user has declared in his setup text file. This way the TC2K can carry on a "virtual" conversation with the telemarketer and the content of that conversation is completely up to the user. All the user needs to do is record his own set of wave files to be played and declare them in a setup file.

Perhaps best of all, the "virtual" conversation between the TC2K and the telemarketer is recorded for the user to enjoy and share with his friends and other TC2K users. We hope to have a forum in the near future to discuss and trade TC2K conversations. It is sure to be very entertaining.

Don't miss the Flash animation which someone created to one of the soundtracks.

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Katrina Damage

My brother-in-law is in Alabama helping out kidney dialysis patients. He sent my sister this photo, which she notes:

This was taken in alabama, Dave said that the concrete that is buckled was by the force of the water.

- kris


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