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Brainwagon Radio: A Podcasting Duet

I have a special treat in today's podcast: my wife makes an appearance. We chat about our experience at Friday's Oakland A's game which the A's lost (boo!) but which had great fireworks (yay!), as well as a couple of other geeky topics like Jeri Ellsworth's hackable gadget, the C64 Direct To TV. The Slashdot thread about her that I mentioned can be found here. The wikipedia page has links to all the hacking sites that I've found.

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  1. Judging from this episode, your wife is awesome, and she needs to be on the show more.

    And you need to tell us how you met, so we single listeners can know where to find people like her.

    Editor’s note: The story of how we met is a story geeky in the telling. I’ll consider it for a future duo podcast.

  2. I started Podcasting about a year ago and it is more exciting than blogging. I love podcasting maybe because i love music so much and radio programs when i was still a kid.

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