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Serenity – Uncle Orson Reviews Everything

Orson Scott Card, author of two of the finest science fiction books I've ever read (and no, Ender's Game isn't among those two) has a pretty strong review of Serenity. Better than I ever could, Card expresses why I agree with him: Serenity is certainly among the best science fiction movies ever made. I find it hard to claim that it would be number one.

But Card doesn't.

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How to make Microsoft announcements appear grander!

Get two industry giants to call a huge press conference to announce something which can only be classified as "beyond trivial."

Way to go Google! Keepin' it real...

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Nifty Swag from Taiwan

Chinese Print of a Cat

My neighbor picked me up this very cute print of a cat when he was in Taiwan to thank me for taking care of his cats while he was away.

Very cute.