‘Bride’ Stripped Bare

October 7, 2005 | General | By: Mark VandeWettering

Editor’s Guild has a nice article on the creation of The Corpse Bride. Apparently the entire thing was shot with the Canon EOS-1D Mark II, a commercial digital SLR, and assembled using Apple’s Final Cut Pro.

While testing a variety of commercial digital still cameras, they said the following:

“We shot the same scene on every camera, converted the digital frames using dcRAW [an open-source program that accesses raw digital images], crunched everything to 2K, color-timed the sequences to match using Baselight and then output to film,”says Watts. “Basically, everything looked great until the film-originated version came up, then everyone yelled at the projectionist, `Focus!’ The images from digital cameras looked so stunning when projected.”

They ended up buying 24 cameras. That’s roughly $100K of 8 megapixel cameras. Cool.