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31Oct/050 : Dynamic images

You don't have to be a genius to read But it couldn't hurt.

Make Einstein write whatever you want. I love stuff like this.


Pluto has not just one moon, but three…

Breaking news from Phil Plait's Bad Astronomy Blog: Pluto has two previously undiscovered moons circling it. Neat! Nice press release, go read it.

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Halloween Music

Need a spooky mp3 for your halloween party? Try this brief mp3 of Bach's Toccatta and Fugue in D minor. I created this myself from an unlabelled MIDI file using Timidity, and I release as free for whatever use you can think of.


Trick or Treat: A Halloween Treat for Your MP3 Player

On October 30th, 1938, Orson Wells' Mercury Theater broadcast what is quite likely the most famous radio play ever created: his own version of the classic H.G. Wells story The War of the Worlds. On the occasion of Halloween, and corresponding to the current opposition of Mars, it seems like an appropriate treat would be a copy of the original broadcast for your mp3 player. Not only fun, but non-fattening!


Brainwagon Radio: My Wife Reviews the Video iPod

Holy crap, it's been a month since I published my last podcast. But today I managed to corner my wife in the car and we recorded a brief 10 minute podcast, largely consisting of a review of the new video iPod. She gives her impressions of the iPod, how she's using it, and the success (and minor irritations) that she has experienced with it. Overall though, she really loves it. Listen in for more, as well as a brief interruption while we discuss the horse rolling in a field of manure.