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That’s no moon!

Mimas, with the 80 mile wide Hershel crater

The Saturn probe Cassini snapped another nice photo of Mimas using the narrow-angle camera on October 13, 2005. It's very nice, even if the sight of it does cause the rebel forces on Alderon to quake in their boots.

Addendum: Mimas has been mentioned here before.

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Signaling Vulnerabilities in Wiretapping Systems

Matt Blaze and company have a new paper just out entitled Signaling Vulnerabilities in Wiretapping Systems, which details a number of problems with the methods and equipment normally used by law enforcement to tap phone equipment. These include vulnerabilities that allow the surveilled party to make it appear to call numbers other than the one reached, to disable recording of specific calls and to just generally make it hard for tappers. Interesting stuff, and using relatively straightforward ideas and methodology.

Matt is a remarkable guy, I particularly liked his paper Safecracking for the computer scientist.

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Caffeine boosts short term memory

Austrian scientists have found that people are better able to remember a sequence of letters after taking 100mg of caffeine, otherwise known as a Venti drip with non-fat milk and two Splendas.

I was going to write something else, but I can't remember what it was. See you at Starbucks.

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