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R.I.P. Brainwagon Radio

Well, I wish my experiment in podcasting was going out with a bang instead of a whimper, but for now, I'm closing the saga that was Brainwagon Radio. It may return in some retooled form in the future: I'm thinking that to really revitalize my interest in doing podcasts I need to find an appropriate cohost and develop a better setup. For now, the 98 episodes stand as an attempt to utilize a new media before I even understood what it was, what I should use it for, or who my audience was. Perhaps when I have a personal answer to one of those questions, I'll be back to try it again.

Until then, I hope that I didn't bore you all, and that you drop in and read my blog, which I will continue to keep. I also hope that at least a couple of you were inspired to reach out to others who reside in the Long Tail and create your own podcasts.

It really has been a blast.


Dad sells son’s XBOX 360 Xmas Present for 100 Bucks.

Didn't we see this story last year, and the year before, and probably the year before that? I mean it was a Nintendo DS, or a PS/2 last year. It probably goes all the way back to the stone age, where the new ovoid wheels were all the rage, and Grog sold his son Unk's new granite wheels to teach him a lesson.

Honestly, can't we all pretend this story doesn't exist?

Additional: what's really amazing is how seriously all the comments on DIGG are. "He deserved it!" "No way he deserves it!" Have IQs dropped sharply while I was away?

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It’s a Colorful Life!

It's a Wonderful Life

Okay, I know this is an atrocity, but you might still find Recolored to be an interesting program for adding color to black and white images. You basically scribble hints into the image, and it propagates the color to nearby pixels that it determines should be the same color. At right, you can click and get my version of It's a Wonderful Life, appropriate for the holiday season, if somewhat garish overall.

Okay, I've goofed around enough this morning. Off to Christmas shop.