Creating a Mobile Hotspot With a Wireless Router and a Cellphone

I’ve seen a lot of projects like this, but this one has some nice twists: they modify a cheap router that runs the OpenWRT firmware to open up one of the internal serial ports to connect it to the cell phone via a cheap data cable, and then add a bunch scripts to make ppp work through the cell phone, and then share the connection via wireless. Very neat, and points out that T-Mobile has some cheap unlimited data plans.

Probably could do the same thing with the WRT54GS routers like I have too.

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Full length Vampire movie, 9200 dollars

I’m fascinated with low budget film making, so I was interested in this Wired article I found on Digg. Director Roger Ingraham is a mere 19 years old, dropped out of school, wrote a script, and shot the film Moonshine using volunteers on a total budget of $9200. This week (starting today, if I’m not mistaken) it will be shown at the Sundance Film Festival.

That’s just too cool. The trailer appears excellent. I’ll have to try to catch this soon.

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No comment from Dembski on E. O. Wilson…

I know, I know, I’m on an Intelligent Design kick.  I’ll move on sometime soon, but I couldn’t help noticing that luminary of the Intelligent Design community, William Dembski apparently could find no point to criticize in E. O. Wilson’s editorial for USA today.  His only addition is the title of his own article, which seems to imply that Wilson claimed that “strict Darwinism” (whatever that means) is a fact, and a law of nature, when of course, Wilson didn’t do anything of the sort.

Uncommon Descent » E. O. Wilson: Strict Darwinism is “an undeniable fact” and “ranks as a virtual law of nature”

Addendum: Dembski and Behe are widely listed as the intellectual leaders of Intelligent Design, and these are the kinds of arguments they forward.

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