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Sushi Eating HOWTO

I must admit: I love sushi.  Even basic nigiri and sashimi show a degree of concentration that we don't often see in the west.   Precision.  Freshness.  Balance.  Everytime I have a meal of good sushi, I can't help but feel better.  The flavors of fish, rice, soy, wasabi and gari are all just... I love it.  I've grown to appreciate it so much that it now seems very strange to cook certain fish like salmon.

That being said, I'm no expert: I've never been to Japan and the only Japanese words I know come from menus.   But like most things, the more you know, the more you enjoy the subtlety of it all, so I'll just provide this link to the informative and useful Sushi Eating HOWTO.


My new PC…

Over the last couple of months, I had gradually decreased the number of computers in my office to just two (well, computers that have X86 architecture anyway), and I decided that I would like to have a new amd64 based machine. I priced out the cost of just building one from components, and found that I probably couldn't do better than the HP a1310n, so I just went out and bought one. I've purged the windows infestation off it, and installed Fedora Core 4 on it. I've got a number of projects that can benefit from its high speed, including goofing around with MythTV and Asterisk. I got the ivtv driver working on my WinTV PVR150 MCE card and even have accelerated X running on it, so progress is being made. Last night I had some difficulty with Asterisk, the ztdummy driver that provides timing information seems not to load for reasons that escape me. But the hardware seems to be quite nice, I only wish the onboard video had NTSC outs, then this machine would be ideal as a front end for MythTV.


Downgrading my Axim X50v

Well, I spent $40 for the Windows Mobile 5 upgrade for my Dell, and it's been a pain in the ass ever since.  Apparently I'm not alone, since now Dell officially lists a downgrade for the Axim: yep, it's back to 2003 SE for the little guy.  Maybe it will stop blinking its stupid LED, draining its battery, and just being a pain in the butt.

Click here for the downgrade.

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