PAP2 Acquires New Brain, No Longer Speaks to Me

February 7, 2006 | General, My Photos | By: Mark VandeWettering

A while ago, I wrote about how you could unlock a PAP2 and use it on Free World Dialup as a simple, cheap VOIP adapter.  Unfortunately, while playing around with Asterisk this morning, my adapter reset itself, promptly redownloaded some new firmware, and now is back to being locked with Vonage, this time, without the apparent hacks that make unlocking possible.

Sigh.  Things like this are enough to really piss you off.

So, temporarilly at least, my VOIP hacking is slowed.  I guess I’ll have to spring for something like a Clipcomm CG200 or a Linksys Sipura 3000.  Or maybe I should just go ahead and buy a cheap IP phone like a Grandstream or maybe a better one like the Sipura 841 or 941.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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