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Renaissance (2006)

Renaissance, un film de Christian Volckman

During lunch today, we had a preview screening of the new French sci-fi film Renaissance (2006), I posted this review on

I highly recommend this film. Set in the Bladerunner-esquire future of2054 Paris, it is in most respect a classic film noir script: lady in peril, sister trying to find her, honest cop fighting everyone. Luckily, it avoids being stereotypical, and combines a pretty good storyline with interesting, innovative visuals. The film might remind you of Sin City in look, but it has an even sharper, even more graphic novel look that I found really compelling. Each frame, each sequence seems like it could have been pulled from the desk of a skilled graphic designer. In terms of story and artwork, you can find nods going back to the nineteen forties (or even earlier with the classic views of the Eiffel Tower and Sacre Couer) and movies like Casablanca, as well as looking toward a grim future where our destines are ruled by corporations. Make any excuse you need to see this film.

Here is the official website, mostly in French which is too rapid for my old brain to decipher in realtime, but it includes some "making of" footage that demonstrates the motion capture process they used on the film. I'll have to dig into it more to see how they did it.

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