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MAKE: Build a Baird Televisor

A while back, I did some research on the early days of television, and provide some links that might help you create your own replica. The make blog linked to a nice scan that shows some plans from 1928 for building your own "Baird Televisor" which I thought were really cool.
MAKE: Blog: HOW TO - Build a Baird Televisor

The linked page makes each individual page available as a PDF file, I merged them into a single PDF for easier downloading and printing.. Enjoy!

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CD quality field recording rig

It's been some time since I posted anything of interest to the musicians in my target demographic, or those who are interested in field recording.  Check out this link on Instructables for a CD quality field recording rig which is entirely battery powered and cost < $1000.   The most interesting choice is to use the optical digital inputs from a Creative Nomad Jukebox 3 to record.

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Zito back in the groove against the Mariners…

After a shaky opening day performance, Barry Zito came back and pitched six innings, giving up only one hit against the Mariners. Relievers Calero, Kennedy and Street shut the Mariners down the rest of the way, giving up no further hits and giving the Athletics their first shutout of the season. This follows a 2 hit performance yesterday, marking the lowest total for hits in two consecutive games in Mariner's history.

They will finish up the four game series today. First pitch today at 1:05 PST.

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