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1986 World Series Game Six Re-enacted in RBI Baseball

One of the most famous games in all of baseball history must be Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, which pitted the Mets against the Red Sox. The Red Sox entered the game leading three games to two, and after nine innings, the game was tied 3-3. The Red Sox scored twice in the top of the 10th to lead by the score of 5-3. You'd think it would be time to pack up the equipment and go home.

But baseball can be a cruel game, and the Curse of the Bambino still lived.

From's play by play, the bottom of the tenth went:

METS 10TH: Backman made an out to left; Hernandez flied to center; (Only one out remaining from the Series win) Carter singled to left; MITCHELL BATTED FOR AGUILERA; Mitchell singled to center [Carter to second]; Knight singled to center [Carter scored, Mitchell to third]; STANLEY REPLACED SCHIRALDI (PITCHING); Stanley threw a wild pitch [Mitchell scored, Knight to second]; Wilson reached on an error by Buckner [Knight scored (unearned)]; 3 R, 3 H, 1 E, 1 LOB. Red Sox 5, Mets 6.


Of course, the Mets went on to win game seven and the Series. Buckner was unfairly tagged for the loss (the Sox lleft no less than fourteen runners on base), and it would overshine the entirety of his career ever after.

All this is a rather laborious setup for the following Google Video:

1986 World Series Game Six Re-enacted in RBI Baseball - Google Video

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Incredible Machines

When the Japanese aren't trying to figure out if spun eggs bounce, they are productively employed in constructing all sorts of incredible Rube Goldberg machines.

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How to Make Liquid Magnets – Synthesize Ferrofluid

Via hack-a-day, here is a link on creating your own ferrofluids. My first exposure to these was as part of the SIGGRAPH art show a few years back, check them out on Google video.

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