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The Fountain of all Programming Fonts

Keith Devens has a nice collection of  Programming Fonts with links on his website.  I must admit to liking the new Microsoft Consolas font, but I mostly use Bistream Vera Mono, since it's free and widely available on the systems I use.  Dina looks okay to me.   When I used Windows more, I used Andale Mono quite a bit.  If you'd like to try a font which makes me clutch my eyes in pain, check out  Ouch!

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Ah, nothing like a 1-0 ballgame…

Especially when the A's win!

Athletics Baseball!A terrific game against the Halos this evening. Barry Zito went 7 2/3 innings, getting 4 strikeouts, walking two, and registering a big goose egg on runs. Woohoo! He tosses some wicked looking loopy curve balls that once again gave me faith in his abilities. Well done Barry!

Defensive highlights: Kendall throwing out Figgins in the fifth when Figgins attempted to steal second (the first time Figgins has been caught stealing this year). Payton catching the heart-stopping fly to deep right by Garret Anderson with Figgins and Cabrera on base in the bottom of the eigth inning. Kotsay with a nice catch as he ran into the wall in deep center, robbing Salmon of a likely double or triple.

I love baseball.

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