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PDP-1 Restored At the Computer History Museum

Paper tape from the restored PDP-1 at the Computer History Museum

Well, it's kind of late, and I'm just back from my trip to the Computer History Museum, where they unveiled their restoration of a DEC PDP-1. The PDP-1 is notable for many reasons, not the least of which is that it was used to create what might possibly be the first video game: Spacewar!. I wrote an emulator for the PDP-1 a few years back, but tonight I got the thrill of running it on the real hardware.

I'll write up some more about this tomorrow, but for now you can check out my gallery or maybe have a peek at some of the video I shot with my digital camera of Spacewar! running on the PDP-1.

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Night Pictures

36 inch Cassegrain telescope @ Chabot Space and Science CenterHere's a picture of the 36 inch telescope at Chabot Observatory, with an 8 second exposure and some GIMP work to bring out some of the details. The shot is illuminated mostly by the (nearly full) moonlight. The camera is actually pretty noise free in green light, and the red isn't terrible, but blue is really, really grainy. You can't really tell in this size, but you could try looking at the original, very dark image. Oh, and the white streak? A plane.

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Addendum: Below is a picture taken the same night, rendered in black and white, of the dome which houses the 8" Clarke refractor nicknamed "Leah".

The dome which houses the 8

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