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Sidenotes via JavaScript

I like the ability to create sidenotes. What are sidenotes? You can go here to find some JavaScript code that implements them. Neat.

I'm not especially fond of the existing CSS. I think boxing text that can be word-wrapped is very ugly. I might take some of the ideas embedded in this and adapt it to something closer to what I imagine.

Addendum: What do people think about the ubiquity of JavaScript? Is it hopelessly wrong to require it to view your weblog? It's not like I am going to any special effort to make my blog particularly nice to read with small screen devices like cell phones. Should I?

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  1. Very nice! I’ve been looking for something like that for a while since I love using sidenotes and abhor footnotes. It’ll be added to my website soon. Thanks.

    You’re right about the CSS though… Definitely have to do something to pretty that up a bit.

    As for JavaScript ubiquity, it’s a fact of life in the online world as we know it. The benefits far, far outweigh any downside or limitation.

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