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ICFP programming contest 2006 results

Some time ago, I spent an afternoon or two working on the ICFP programming contest for 2006, not as a competitor, but just because I thought it was amusing. (I wrote it up on this blog here. Tom pointed out that there was Google Video of the final presentation on the contest, which is fairly amusing to watch.

ICFP programming contest 2006 results - Google Video

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Addendum: You can get the final report on the contest as a PDF tech report, which includes all sorts of information that was repeated in the video linked above.

Cult of the Bound Variable

Addendum2: When I was mucking around with this stuff, there was quite a bit that I missed, including the presence of an icon embedded in the codex.umz file. Strangely, I couldn't find any mention of it in the discussion lists or anywhere else, but a few minutes of spelunking in the hex dump of the codex file made it fairly obvious where to look, although I spent a bit more time on it than I needed because I can't do simple math. Anyway, there it is, archived for all eternity.

Addendum3: Oh, the contest has its own website where you can download the challenge and goof around with it yourself, just for fun.

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