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Lennart Augustsson on Automatic Differentiation

Lennart has a nice writeup on automatic differentiation in Haskell. I keep trying to come up with a reason to learn more about Haskell, and examples like this (which are difficult or at least less understandable in C or C++) go quite some way in convincing me that I should invest the time to understand how lazy, functional, polymorphic languages like Haskell can change the way I write programs.

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Cat on video…

Caught Sam's cat on the wireless webcam, but mostly this is just a test of the embedded flash player.

Addendum: Here is WP-FLV, the WordPress Plugin you need.

Addendum2: You can create flash video using only open source, free tools. I took the AtomBomb1946.mpeg from, and then ran:

ffmpeg -i AtomBomb1946.mpeg -s 320x240 atombomb.flv

and then just created the viewer:


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