A few notes..

May 4, 2007 | General | By: Mark VandeWettering

  1. I’m on what is scheduled to be my last week of production on Ratatouille. If my blog isn’t fascinating in the degree that you have come to expect, that’s probably one of the reasons. I haven’t had much time for extra-curriculars. I’ve had a blast on Ratatouille, and hope you all enjoy it when it hits theaters on June 29.
  2. Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors. They made history by being the first team in NBA history to defeat the #1 seed as a #8 seed. I must admit that I have enjoyed watching their games down the stretch. While I believe basketball to be inferior to baseball in every respect (heh) I find their style of basketball to be more entertaining and more in sync with the fast-breaking style that I liked as a kid.
  3. l’m trying to decide whether I should by a new motherboard for my son’s computer, or just avoid the headache and buy him a new computer. It is basically a question that is decided on the “how much is my time and aggravation worth”? This week, I’m leaning towards “quite a bit”.

Have a good weekend all.