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More Panorama Noodling…

Okay, since I went to the trouble of actually doing a bit of panorama stitching on Linux, I thought I'd go ahead and make a 360 degree panorama (not a spherical one, I didn't have the patience). So, as I walked out the door at Pixar Animation Studios, I snapped fourteen handheld images using my little Panasonic, and then stitched 'em into this panorama:

Not too bad! The exposures aren't held very closely (no way to exposure lock on the DMC-TZ1) but the overall quality of the stitch is quite good.

(If you don't have java installed, you can at least click here to see the full panorama data)

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San Francisco From Angel Island

Yesterday, we had our group wrap-up-party excursion. We settled on a leisurely bikeride around Angel Island, accompanied by barbecued ribs and chicken. It was a stupendously nice day, warm, but not hot, and while I was feeling a bit under the weather during the first bit, I had a lot of fun. I snapped some pictures with my little Panasonic, including 7 shots that spanned the view of the San Francisco from Bay Bridge to Golden Gate. Today, under less than entirely optimal conditions, I used the programs autopano-sift, hugin and emblend to produce the following panorama:

I could probably do a bit better in keeping the horizon from curving, but overall, I'm quite pleased.

Addendum: converted to black and white, and converted to black and white.

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